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What is Metricsart Platform?

Metricsart platform empowers developers and business analysts to create productivity solutions without using any programming skills .

These software solutions are alternatives to spreadsheets and complicated databases in situations where business data is required to be collected and analyzed in real time

With Metricsart, the solution you create is:

  • Instantly available natively on IOS and Android devices
  • Easy and fast to deploy. (Development is typically less than a few hours)
  • Intuitive and simple to use saving training resources on business users
  • Minimalist but Enterprise ready - with necessary security and user privileges
  • Can be white-labelled on third party websites
Don't simply take our word for it, listen to our customers. In fact experience this yourself with our sample demos at How it Works

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Simply configure it, no coding skills needed that is why these companies love it

As Partners (Business Solution Creators):

As Clients or Teams (Business Solution Users):

  • As someone who is out there in the field, I created my app to alert me on progress made during the refurbishment of our properties prior to tenants moving in. What an awesome product

    testimonials4 Ehshan Sumun Down2Town (Estate Management)
  • Simple platform used to build an exceptional product. Residents care are better reported with date and time. I wished I had known about this product.

    testimonial_1 Nicola Elliot Care Homes of Distinction, Reigate
  • Membership database was quite easily done using Metricsart. The good thing is you don't need to be a programmer to create such a powerful mobile app that can be updated remotely.

    testimonial_2 Kenny Dickson coupleskoinonia.org (Meetup)
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