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About Us


In March 2016 , Wartford & Lutton approached axeTime Ltd to build a SaaS solution for monitoring H&S issues for one of their clients.
About 2 months after deploying the solution, Wartford & Lutton approached axeTime again to develop a Business Process Management tool SaaS solution for a manufacturing client. This was done within a week.
Over the next couple of months, Wartford & Lutton asked for similar but varying scope SaaaS solutions for 18 different firms found in manufacturing, logistics, retail, oil exploration and sales this time, development time was cut to 1 day.

In June 2017 axeTime decided to license a Platform As A Service (PaaS) solution to Wartford & Lutton. This enabled Wartford & Lutton to build SaaS solutions for its clients without the need to approach axeTime again.
Based on the how easy it was to build SaaS solutions without using any programming skills, axeTime and Wartford & Lutton decided in November 2018 to redevelop the platform and open it up for other companies, teams and professionals to build SaaS solutions for their clients or teams without using any programming skills.
The result was Metricsart (Metrics: Measuring business processes and art taken from Datamart) Platform as a Service. We launched it to the public in September 2019

Why we are different

Unlike most 'no-code' PaaS, who are actually 'low-code' in nature, Metricsart offers a true 'zero-code' PaaS. Not just no programming code, you do not need to have programming and database skills
We are able to do this because we focus on measuring, tracking and analysing Value Drivers .
A value driver is a process, place or person that adds some value to the business.
For example, a solution can be created by the platform to monitor salesmen inorder to improve the sales process. The value driver is the salesmen while revenue is the value brought in.
Our belief is almost all businesses want to improve their value drivers and this is what we focus on.

The Mission

  • Empower professionals and citizen developers develop useful business apps on the platform
  • Empower businesses to make better informed decisions using business apps created on the platform
  • Adhere strictly to our Privacy Statement and secure your data using unique combination of AES and RSA algorithms encryption.

The Company

Metricsart is privately funded and owned by axeTime LTD and Wartford & Lutton. The steering team was formed from teams taken from both companies.

Top Team

Metricsart is steered by seasoned industrial and business experts

Antony Coomb
Seasoned businessman with over 35 years investing in various businesses. Antony is a chemical engineer by training and sits on board many companies in Europe
Funsho Folaranmi
Funsho has over two decades experience leading both business and technology teams within the SME sector. A software engineer by profession, his team has developed many solutions used by many businesses in the UK.
Olatoye Folaranmi
A seasoned engineer and entrepreneur ,Olatoye has over 15 years experience spanning manufacturing, construction and consulting. He manages several companies in Africa.