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1st Intro: Basic Capabilities

To create business solutions using the Metricsart platform, you don't need to know how to code, you simply configure it.
The solutions you create will boost your organization's productivity by reducing the use of paper work, use of uncoordinated spreadsheet and time to develop a custom solution. So, how can all these be achieved?
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Metricsart allowed us to develop our own solutions which were used to monitor and improve our sales across all our locations in the UK — Katie Lawson, Sparkles and Limes LTD (Contract Catering Services)

2nd Intro: Value Drivers

Things, Places, People that add some form of values to your organization are known as Value Drivers.
These solutions are built to track, measure and analyze them, giving decision makers smarter insights into the organization thus leading to better decision making and ultimately increase in productivity

Components of the solution:

1. Data Entry Form:
Real time data can be captured from your desktop, tablet or phone
Data types include: numbers, video, photo, signature and geo-location information
2. Reports:
Visualise data as reports, graphs and maps in real time
Gain insights from dashboards that allow you identify areas that need improvements

User Management

These are enterprise ready-made solutions with predefined user roles, responsibilities, standard user authentication and role-based permissions already set-up.
The capability to grant or revoke user rights and privileges allow teams manage many solutions and an unlimited number of users.

100% Cloud based

These solutions are built 100% in the cloud. This eliminates the need for expertise server deployment, infrastructural and maintenance cost.
Business users can work anywhere either remotely or on-site anytime of the day allowing updates to be easily done

Offline Usage

These solutions work perfectly in both online and offline mode. Contributor users can effectively carry out field operations on their smartphones even when there are no signals. Manager users can also view dashboard reports regardless of if there are signals or not


Metricsart makes security a priority. Security measure are built into our infrastructure. These solutions are secure through some complex combinations of AES and RSA algorithms. These offer the highest possible security standards for a cloud based application. Additionally, our servers are based in the US with offsite backups for disaster recovery.
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