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If you can't measure it, you can't improve it. — Peter Drucker

1. Create the Activity

Partner User Prepares the Value Drivers to be measured as a business activity

2. Transformation

Metricsart transforms the business activity into a Mobile and Web Business Solutions.

3. Using the Solution
The business user's contributor user captures business data into forms
The business user's manager user uses reports to gain insights and thus improve productivity

Metricsart platform in action

Do you know that the solutions created by the plaform are so simple that users don't need a tutorial?
Here are some minimalist sample business solutions from some of our clients just to prove it

Mobile Handymen

Connects workmen to customers. The manager needs to know when they arrived and left.
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Performance Targets

The manager needs to track the performance of his sales team to see if they are on target or not.
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Assets Tracking

The Manager can monitor how the equipment of the firm is moved from one location to another.
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Food Safety Compliance

The H&S laws require documentation of food safety compliance. The temperature probes are shown here
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The manager wishes to see how each donor spread his/her donation across the good causes campaign.
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Customer Order and Supply Form

Demonstrates the goods order form for the customers and the goods supplied form for the firm.
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Product Position

Gain insights into the how a product is positioned on customer shelf: This demonstrates use of picture.
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Survey Field

The manager colloates respondents responses gathered by extension workers on the field
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Customer Service

Improve customer service by listening to what the customer have to say after a service has been rendered.
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Employee Location Monitoring

Employees are monitored periodically and their locations known and shown on the map
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Collaboration: Oil Well Explorations

Collaborative efforts displayed graphically with oil well explorations across many regions
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Logistics: Haulage

The manager needs to gain insights into how the firm's haulage business can be improved.
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